How to setup monthly custom deductions in SalaryBox?

  1. Open Settings option in SalaryBox

  2. Select Manage Salary Templates from Salary Settings Menu

  3. Select Create Template and name the Template (example: Salary Template for FY 2022)

  4. Similarly under Employee Deductions you can find Add deductions option from where you can add custom deductions of your choice.

  5. To add a new custom deductions click on Add custom button and write the name & amount value of the custom deduction.
    1. Upon clicking on Add deduction, these deductions will be calculated based on monthly attendance
    2. You can also opt whether to make this a fixed deduction. If you choose so, the deduction will be calculated irrespective of the monthly attendance.
  6. After completing the entire template save the template.
  7. Select the employee on which you want to add the template

  8. Go to Salary Payment Info

  9. Click on edit ESI, EPF and Allowance option 

  10. Choose the desired template and click on update CTC

  11. Once updated, custom deductions will be calculated based on your settings.