How to Edit Wage Types in SalaryBox?

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Types of Wages Available

How to Edit Wage Types in SalaryBox?

Types of Wages Available

SalaryBox supports three types of salary/wages or modes of payment. These are;

  1. Monthly

It is the wages paid by an employer to an employee monthly.


  1. Daily

When an employee/wage earner is compensated daily, this option can come in handy.


  1. Hourly

The amount of compensation paid for every hour worked.

How to Edit Wage Types in SalaryBox?

If you need to edit the salary payment type for your employees, here are the following steps;


You can change the wage type of your employees by the following steps;


1. Open the SalaryBox app on your android device.

2. Then, click on the employee name you want to edit the wage type for.

Click on the employee's name

3. Select Edit at the top right corner. 

Click on edit

4. Then, click on Salary Details on the new screen.

Click on salary details

5. Choose the preferred month from the Select Month option at the top.

6. Tap on the Salary Type from the given options, i.e., Per Month, Per Day, and Per Hour.

7. Once done, click on Update Salary to save the changes.

Click on edit salary for the feb

Similarly, you can also change the salary amount of an employee. If you want to know how to do it, click here.


iPhone users can follow the given instructions to edit wage types.

1. Open the SalaryBox app on your iPhone and click on the employee name you want to change the wage type for.Click on employee's name you want to change the wage

2. Tap on three dots in the upper right corner. 

Click on the three dots

3. Click on Edit Employeefrom the list.

Click on Edit employee

4. Scroll down to the Salary Payment Info and tap on the desired wage type from the given options.

Scroll down to the Salary Payment Info

5. Click on Update when the new screen opens, and you’re done.

Click on Update

If you want to change an employee's salary, click here.


For desktop users, follow the given instructions.

1. Open the SalaryBox desktop app.

2. Click on Edit next to the employee name you want to change/edit the payment type for.Salary Settings

3. Then, select Edit Employee from the drop-down.Edit Employee Details

4. Scroll down to the Salary section.Click on Salary Secyion

5. Click on Edit Salary Amount.Edit Salary Amount6. Click on Salary Type and select the desired option from the drop-down.Click on Salary Type

6. Click Save to save the changes.Click on Save to edit the wage types

If you need assistance regarding the SalaryBox app, contact our support team at

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