How to Add Leave Limits in SalaryBox?

How to Add Leave Limits in SalaryBox?

Types of Leaves in SalaryBox

How To Add Leave Limits? 

Types of Leaves in SalaryBox

Managing employees' leave records can be challenging if you have too many employees in your firm. 

With SalaryBox, you can add the company leaves limit per employee, making leave management smoother.

Before adding leave limits to the app, you need to know the following.

Privilege Leave

Privilege leaves are the leaves given by the company to the employee for reasons such as vacation, medical emergencies, etc.

Sick Leave

It is the leaves provided by the company because of employee illness.

Casual Leave

It is the leaves provided to the employee for unpredictable situations.

Carry Forward

It is the leftover leaves of the last month that the employer allows forwarding to the next month. All the carry forwarded leaves will expire as the calendar year changes. The employer can pay off the remaining leaves if he wants.

Custom Leave

It is the leaves that are specially provided to the employee as per company/industry leave policies. To know how to add custom leaves, click here.

How To Add Leave Limits? 

Follow the steps given below on your preferred device.


1. Open the SalaryBox app, and select the employee name you want to add the leave limits to.

Click on the employee name to add leave limits.

2. Click on Edit at the top right corner.

Click on Edit at the top right corner

3. Click on Leave Balance.

Click on Leave balance

4. Tap on theLeave Limitstab. Then, add the Duration (Per Year or Per Month). 

5. If you want to add all three leaves, add the preferred number in each leave under the Allowed Leaves field.

6. Then, enter Carry Forward in the respective leaves section if you provide it, or you can enter ‘0’ otherwise.

7. Then, add Allowed Privilege Leave, Allowed Sick Leave,andAllowed Casual Leave. Once done click onSet Leave Limits.

Fill in all leave balance

8. Leaves will be reflected in the Leave Balance tab. 

Check leave balance in leave balance


1. Open the SalaryBox desktop application and click Edit in front of the employee name.

2. Select Edit Employee from the drop-down on the edit in front of employee name to set leave limits in desktop version of salarybox app

3. Scroll down to the Leaves section and click on Edit Leave Policy to add leaves.
scroll down to leave section and click on edit leave policy to set leave limits in desktop version of salarybox

4. Select the Duration (Per Year or Per Month) from the right sidebar.

5. Then, enter the Allowed Leaves and Carry Forward as per your leave policies. 

6. You can choose what leaves you want to provide to your employees. For example, if you don’t give Casual Leave, you can enter‘0’in it.

7. Once done, click on Save to save the duration per month or per year from right side bar in desktop version of salarybox app

Now, if your employees take leaves beyond the limit, it will appear in theLeave Balance.To know how to edit an employee's leave balance, click here.

For further assistance regarding our app, you can contact our support team at

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