How to Make Your Employee Inactive/Active ?

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How to Make an Employee Inactive?

How to Make an Employee Active?

How to Make an Employee Inactive?

If an employee is on longer duration leave, you can turn them inactive to stop their attendance and payroll calculation

Follow the given instructions to make an employee inactive.


1. Open the SalaryBox app.

2. Tap on the Employee Name you want to inactive.


You can easily inactive employees on SalaryBox

3. Click on Edit and scroll down to the bottom.

Click on edit button to mark employee inactive

4. Then, click on Make Inactive to inactive the employee.

you can click on the inactive to mark inactive

5. Now, a new page window will open. Here, select the Date from which the employee was inactive.

6. Then, click on Deactivate.

Deactivate your employee's account on SalaryBox


1. Open the SalaryBox App and select the employee you want to turn on the employee name in iPhone to mark employee inactive2. Go to Edit and choose Mark As Inactive from the drop-down.Choose mark as inactive if you are using iPhone


3. Select the deactivation date and click on Deactivate to make the employee inactive.


Select the deactivation button to deactivate through iPhone 


1. Open the SalaryBox desktop application.


2. Click on Edit in front of the employee name you wish to make inactive.


3. Select Mark as Inactive from the drop-down.


Select Mark as Inactive in desktop version in salarybox

4. Enter the inactive date and select Inactive Employee.

Enter the inactive date like this in desktop version of salarybox

How to Make an Employee Active?

When the employee returns and you want to begin their counting their attendance and payroll calculation, follow the given steps.


1. Open the SalaryBox App and go to click on the employee's name whom you want to make active.

Make employee active on SalaryBox in android

3. Tap on Active.

Manage inactive employees allows you to active them through android phone


1. Open the SalaryBox app and go to Settings.


2. Select Inactive Employees under Account Settings.

Select Inactive employees here in salarybox through iPhone

3. Click on Activate next to the Employee Name you want to re-activate.

Click on activate next to the employee's name through your iPhone

4. Tap on Mark as Active, and it's done.

Tap on Mark as Active to activate the employee through iPhone


For desktop users, the steps to make employees active are given below.

1. Go to Settings once you open the Salarybox desktop application.


2. Scroll down and select Inactive Employees. The inactive employees’ names will appear on the screen.

Go to settings to find inactive employees option in desktop version

3. Select Make Active for the employee you wish to turn active.

Select make active for the employee in desktop version

4. Select Make Active again, and you’re done.

Select make active, to activate the employee's account in desktop version

If you need any assistance regarding the SalaryBox application, you can contact our support at

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