How to Calculate Salary in Bulk?

Modified on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 12:20 PM

The bulk salary option is right for you if you want to do salary calculations for all employees simultaneously.

Note: You can only calculate bulk salary in a desktop application. To know how to do it, follow the steps given below. However, you can finalise employee wages specifically on android devices.

1. Open the SalaryBox desktop application and click on Calculate Salary on the left sidebar.


2. Choose the preferred Branch, Payroll Month and Wage Type from the top.


3. Select all employees by checking all the checkboxes on the left side.


4. Click on Calculate Salary.

click on calculate salary in desktop version of salarybox


5. Review the payable days, leaves and absents. Click on Edit if there are any changes to make.


6. If everything is correct, click on Next: Verify Salary.


verify the salary calculation in this option in desktop version of salarybox


7. Click on Finalise Calculation.


now finalise the salary calculation in desktop version of salarybox


8. Click on Continue Calculating Salary if you want to continue, or can Download Report (CSV OR PDF) by selecting it.


now download the calculated salary report like this in desktop version of salarybox


9. You can also download slips by clicking on Download Slips and can share them with your employees by selecting Share Slips.


10. If you want to undo the finalized salary, click on Recalculate Salary.

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