Overtime refers to any hours worked by an employee that exceed their normally scheduled working hours. While a generalized overtime definition refers simply to those hours worked outside of the standard working schedule, overtime commonly refers concurrently to the employee's remunerations of such work. The overtime rate of pay varies between companies and by specifics of the overtime, such as the number of overtime hours worked. Standard overtime rates include time and a half and double time.

How can I add Overtime Amount for my staff in SalaryBox?

  1. Open Home option in SalaryBox.
  2. Select the particular employee to whom you would like to give overtime payments. (in image show more and edit employee)
  3. In the Update employee page, scroll to Late Fine & Overtime Settings Option
  4. Here you can find Overtime Pay Settings where you can add the overtime as per your company policies.
    1. Extra Day OT: Defines the amount you want to add either or during overtime work on a week off day and public holiday day 
    2. Extra Hours OT: Defines the amount you want to add during overtime work on general working days.
    3. Grace Period: Defines the time limit for final punchout to be considered within pre-defined shift hours for a particular day.
  5. Once finalized click on Update overtime settings to update the new settings.