How to Edit/Manage Roster in SalaryBox?

How to Edit/Manage Roster in SalaryBox?

A roster is a plan showing employees’ working shifts and their leaves. A robustroster management systemcan help you manage employee shifts easily.

Attendance management becomes challenging if you have multiple employees in the organization that work on different shifts. But SalaryBox’sroster managementcan automate it for you.

To Edit/Manage Roster in the application on your android device, follow the steps below. Note that this feature is available on Android devices only.

1. Once you open the SalaryBox app, go to Settings.

Click on Settings to edit or manage the roster of your company

2. SelectAttendance& Leaves. 

Go to attendance and leaves to edit or manage your roster

3. Then, scroll down to the Roster section and click on Edit Roster. 

now scroll down to the roster section and click on the roster edit in android version salarybox

4. Then, a calendar will appear. Long press on a date you want to start a specific shift. 

now calendar will appear where you can select the date of the shift in android version of salarybox

5.Select the multiple days on the calendar of the specific shift.

6. Now, select the preferred shift from the Assigned Staff List. 

Now select the preferred shift in the assigned staff list in android version of salarybox

7. Choose the employee you want to add to the specific shift and click on Add. 

now choose the employee to assign particular shift timing in the android version salarybox 

Once done, the employees’ shift timing will be updated automatically.

Note: If you don’t have an already created shift, you can do so by selecting + Add Company Shift and following the steps given here.

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