How to Create Roster in SalaryBox?

How to Create Roster in SalaryBox?

If your business has multiple shifts in a day, you can assign different shifts to different employees and can build a robust roster management system.

To create a roster on your Android device, follow the steps given below. Note that you can create company shifts on Android devices only.

However, you can add employee timings one by one in iPhone and desktop applications.

1. Open the SalaryBox app and click on Settings.

Click on Settings

2. Select Attendance& Leaves.  

Click on attendance and leaves for going to roster

3. Scroll down to Rosterand tap on Company Shifts.
in this second step scroll down to roster and tap on the company shift in android version of salarybox

4. Select + Add New Shift at the bottom right of the screen. 

in the third step select the add new shift option at the bottom to create roster in android version of salarybox

5. Enter the Shift Name, Start Time, and End Time. The working hours will be reflected under Duty Hours.

6. Click on Add Shift to save the shift.

 now enter the shift name, hours and click on add shift to save the roster in android version of salarybox

7. Then, a pop-up will appear. Click on Manage Roster to assign shifts to the employees. 

now click on the manage roaster to assign shift to the employees in android version of salarybox


To know how to manage the roster, click here

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